I'm too scared to have fireworks in my own garden!
5th November 2009
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I’m not a fan of having fireworks in your own back garden, they scare me to bits even as a 38 year old adult! 

Over the years we have been to friends’ houses and I am anxious the whole time thinking that one is just about to go off in my face or even worst one of my children’s faces!  We hide behind the windows and I use the excuse it’s too cold! 

Why have fireworks in your own back garden when you can have great fun at a professionally organised display like the one at the weekend at The Brentwood Centre, Brentwood.

Over the last couple of years we have gone to a professionally organised display – these displays suit me much better because we are far back and the fireworks are held in proper holders to be let off to ensure safety – well I hope this is the case, this kind of thinking actually enables me to get there! 

Our kids love them and I am conscious not to put the fear of God into them, I don’t want them being a nervous wreck like myself for a whole week in November.

I can remember as an older child of about 10 my mum and dad were going to take us to the local firework display like the one at Lake Meadows, we wrapped up warm, because back in those days it was freezing in November, got outside, walked down the end of our path and then I chickened out and we all went back home! 

My daughter has asked if she can have some sparklers which I said they don’t sell them to members of the public!  I know I am being silly in not letting her and my son have them (ages an almost 6 and 3) because they are great fun and make firework night – I will buy them the battery operated ones this evening – I know they are not the same but hey ho!

If I had my way I would be making my kids wear helmets with a face protector at the weekend but thankfully dad steps in and gives me one of those looks!

The firework display at the Brentwood Centre was a huge success over the weekend. 


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