I Want, I Want, I Want!
3rd November 2010
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Oh I Do Love Pretty Things!


I think every woman and lot of men (although a lot won’t want to admit it!) like to have pretty things. Now everyone’s idea of pretty is a bit different, mine, like my mothers, is old things (I know the correct term is antique but, well, they are old). For my mothers birthday a few years ago I got her a 1900’s manikin, my gosh it’s beautiful and hard to believe that women could wear those corsets and still breath! Now, after many years of searching, she has the whole matching outfit! This would have been a lot easier to find if I had known about Brentwood’s Antique Auction, although I was about 8 so I’m not sure if I knew what an auction was at the time. There are a lot of people that find Antique’s boring but I think they are the most interesting items you could own. How many hands they have been in, where they have been, if you have a good imagination and you like history you’ll love them! To make it even better the excitement of an auction just makes it worth while. The main reason of bidding to get an item is because you want it even though there are times when we end up purchasing items that we didn’t want just because your competitive side get’s the better of you (or that might just be me). Brentwood Antique Auction is held fortnightly so don’t worry, find one that suits you and have a visit. Click here to see dates and what’s up for offer at the moment!

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