Halloween's Nearly Here!
22nd September 2010
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Halloween has to be the best time of year by far! Everyone and anyone can act like a kid again and have fun without caring what they look like and what people think. My mum still dresses up every year without fail (which is the bit I look forward to the most by far). There's so much to do though, find an outfit, get the sweets ready and most importantly decide what to do on the spooky day!




I've found loads of exciting but scary events that look like fun all around Brentwood. I can't wait to try out the fright night walk which I have to admit sounds pretty scary. I find the dark absolutely terrifying so when I saw on the website a large bit of text reading "NO TORCHES!" I new this was going to be a night not to miss, not just for me but for everyone else to enjoy my scared ramblings and shrieks of sheer terror at just about everything. Click here to find out more. I would also like to take my younger brother to Thorndon Country Park's spooky wood's trail which has some great activities for the kids, you even get a prize at the end! Click here for details. When looking for day time activities I came across an event that looked like it would have me in stitches all day long, Old MacDonalds Pumpkin Throwing Competition! I can't wait to take along some friends and have a hilarious day (and beat them of course). To find out more about this event click here.


The Costume...


I've been looking around for a costume for a little while now as my previous one is looking a bit rough round the edges, even for a Halloween costume! Personally the best place I have found has to be Jokers Masquerade. They have such a large range of costumes and even deliver to your door the next day! For more information on Jokers Masquerade click here.



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