Great Hair Cuts at Callico's, You Will Not Go Unnoticed!
3rd August 2010
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Even hairdressers ask where I have my hair cut!!

I was asked today by another hairdresser where I get my hair cut as the cut is lovely.  This has happened to me before.  A lady was really staring at my head and made me feel a little uncomfortable for a couple of moments as I had not met her before.  She went on to apologise for staring but she was a hairdresser and praised my hair by saying what a fantastic cut I had.  I said thank and told her I get it cut at Callico’s.

As this is the second time I have had a hairdresser comment on the cut of my hair I thought I could not let it pass and blog about it!

Emma of Callico’s

I’ve been going to Emma of Callico’s now for over 2 years, and I can honestly say I have never walked out of Callico’s disappointed. 

I go back every 5 weeks to keep it the length I love and Emma cuts it exactly the same each time.  Over the many years I have been going to hairdressers I have found that the cut I get is not always what I wanted or asked for, also it was different each time I went back.

But this certainly is not the case with Emma. 

Dee of Callico’s

Dee (Emma’s sister) cuts my mum’s hair and has been for some time now and again, always walks away extremely happy. 

The Famous Question

Does she, doesn’t she! She does at Callico’s. 

For further information on Callico’s click here.

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01277 214600

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