Don't Let Legal Issues Get You Down Over Christmas! Start The New Year The Way You Intend It To Go On!
16th December 2010
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Have a Merry Christmas This Year!



Everyone in the world always way to start the New Year off on the right foot, quit smoking, get a new job, loose some weight etc, etc. It’s hard to do that when you’re worrying about issues that sometimes you don’t even totally understand. Archers Solicitors specialise in Employment Law, as well as Business Law and Civil and Commercial Litigation. If you need to seek guidance from an employment solicitor the first step is to understand the law surrounding employment rights and whether they have been breached. Then you need to know how you’re going to handle the situation whether you are an employee, employer or parent worrying about there children’s education! The worst thing is being left out of the loop, some things can be settled so simply but feel ten times worse when you don’t know what’s going on. Archers Solicitors can give you friendly advice that you can trust, not only can you trust the advice they are giving you but you can also trust the person giving it to you. Sometimes the thing that helps the most is having a friendly face that will listen to your concerns and take them seriously.


I thought I would give a link to a website that has all your rights on there if you would like to have a look before contacting a solicitor so at least you can walk in there with a bit less weight on your shoulders and then let Archers take the rest of the heavy load. : know your rights.


Archers Solicitors are Employment and Business Law Specialists for Chelmsford and Brentwood. They act for both businesses and individuals, and by focusing on their chosen field are able to provide a high quality service. Many of their clients are through personnel recommendation which shows the lasting relationship they have with their clients. If you feel isolated and don’t know where to turn click here and go thought to their page and see if they can help you. Start the New Year the way you intend it to go on, I defiantly will! Let me know if have had contact with Archers in the past or intend to in the future, we want to know what you think!

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