Do Your Bit, Use G J Bowmer Ltd!
9th November 2010
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Stay Green, Recycle!


As we all know we need to do some more recycling and over the years we have come a long way and most of the population are doing their bit. Even down to all the different coloured bin bags out the front of the house (which I personally think it looks a lot prettier than the boring black ones!) and even buying recycled things to use everyday! There’s always more you can do to help which I think everyone has heard billions of times now. G.J. Bowmer Limited is a waste disposal and skip hire company in Brentwood. 70% of all the waste they receive from you will be recycled! So thanks to them we can sit back and relax in the comfort of knowing we’ve done that “little bit more” that we keep being asked (even if it wasn’t really us). G.J. Bowmer also supplies you with a fantastic service and even has a great offer on at the moment so don’t miss out! For more information on G.J. Bowmer and what they have to offer click here.

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