Do you think Stacey Solomon will win the XFactor?
1st December 2009
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Stacy Solomon is an amazing young singer.  She is the bookie’s second favourite to win, I reckon she will win the competition, what do you think?

I can’t believe I have got sucked into the XFactor again, after the second weekend where Simon kept Jedward in I swore blind I wouldn’t watch it again, I didn’t for 2 weeks, which I am proud of – went cold turkey!  But this weekend I retracted my words and found myself clicking onto ITV1 just in time! 

I thought the contestants all sung really well.  Strange though when it’s left entirely up to the public, in my opinion, the right person went out of the competition.  I feel for them having to leave, especially this late in the stage. 

I don’t back Stacey just because she is a local girl and went to Havering College, I back her because she is the ‘whole package’.  I think the world would be a much nicer place if we all had a Stacey Solomon in our lives, she is a happy and endearing character.  I bet the whole of Havering College are right behind her though, I would love to actually know someone in a competition like this.  Imagine knowing Susan Boyle then seeing her going on to be as famous as she is now. 

Who’s your favourite to win, let me know? 

Stacey Solomon

Olly Murs

Danyl Johnson

Joe McElderry





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