Brentwood Nursery Takes The Flexible Approach To Childcare
22nd November 2011
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As any working parent will tell you, finding a nursery to care for your little ones is one of the hardest choices you will make.

Not only are you tasked with finding a nursery which makes both you and your child comfortable and reassured, you also have to find one which accommodates your needs – which can be tricky if the hours you work aren’t straightforward.

Luckily parents in the Brentwood area needn’t look too far for the answer. Hopscotch Day Nursery, nestled in the grounds of the town’s Kelvedon Hatch Primary School, has been accommodating the needs of working mums and dads for eight years and has acquired an excellent reputation for its relaxed and flexible approach.

Unlike some nurseries, Hopscotch Day Nursery doesn’t have a minimum sessions’ policy so parents only wanting to put their children into the nursery for one morning or afternoon can do so. What’s more, where space permits, they’ll always try and fit around your schedule so if you work 11am-3pm every day, they’ll try their best to provide childcare incorporating these hours.

The nursery also offers up to a week’s nursery care free of charge in the beginning so parents and children can familiarise themselves with the nursery and decide whether it’s for them or not.

Liz Breslin, nursery owner, said: “We fit nursery care around what the parent would like. The nursery business has really changed over the years. More and more people are working part-time than they used to and more children are coming into a nursery environment because of the free sessions offered by the Government. The whole structure of our working day has changed and we’ve tried to reflect this in the nursery by being more flexible. Flexibility is key.


“A lot of parents are very hesitant when it comes to finding a nursery for their children because they don’t want to let go. By offering a week free of charge, parents are able to come in and try it for themselves and if their children go home happy then they’re likely to come back again.”


The Brentwood day nursery provides full day-care to children aged between three months and 5 years of age and offers free nursery places as part of the Government’s funding scheme for children aged three to four.

Due to its location within the school grounds, the nursery has use of some great outdoor space - a large garden, the sports field and the school playgrounds. There is also a swimming pool for the summer months and an ITC suite currently used twice a week.

If you would like more information on nursery care call Hopscotch Day Nursery on 01277 372826 or click here to their website.


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