Blondes Hair Salon Provides The Perfect Solution For Tired Tresses
13th December 2011
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Alongside applying make-up and fake tan, straightening hair is one of the most laborious tasks facing women every day.

Whether your hair is naturally poker straight or has tight curls that would make even Shirley Temple’s look flat, women are unashamedly obsessed about achieving frizz-free locks which is why we spend many, many hours grooming them with straightening irons. 

For some, this task is much more difficult than others and if you’ve been born with naturally wavy or curly hair, straightening can account for a huge proportion of a woman’s beauty regime – and lead to many a row with their partner about the length of time it is taking to get ready!

But help is at hand thanks to the hair care experts at Brentwood’s leading salon Blondes. The salon is offering Global Keratin’s revolutionary straightening treatment which not only replenishes the condition of the hair it also makes it more manageable and quicker to style.

Keratin is the primary protein of the skin, hair and nails and is a natural substance which gives the hair its ability to return to its original healthy and shiny and conditioned state. 

Global Keratin’s treatment can be used on all hair types including chemically treated, coloured, relaxed, high-lighted or straightened hair. Following application of the product, the hair is sealed with flat irons to lock in moisture and provide re-hydration. The ultimate result is shinier, healthy hair which is less frizzy and is less affected by humidity and rain.    

Salon owner Leeann Connold said: "It’s been really popular with our clients. People feel they have an easier time with their hair, and find it more hassle free and quicker to style. It repairs the hair and the condition undoubtedly improves so it’s a win, win situation.”

The results last between three and five months and with repeated treatments customers will see a continuous improvement in the condition of the hair. Prices start from just £105. 

For more information on this treatment and other services provided by Brentwood’s leading hair salon call 01277 202675 or click here


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