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15th October 2010
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All About Legal!


After doing a law course and having a work placement in a legal firm I know a bit about it (no where near the extent of a solicitor). When people think of law they think of a long boring speech and millions of books, well it’s actually really interesting! My law course was a legal secretary course but after a few months I started only coming in for my law classes! I'm not the type to have my nose in a book 24/7 and there are many subjects that do bore me to tears! Yet this is by far the most interesting and exciting subject I have ever paid interest to. Because of this it give me a great respect for solicitors and I can even get jealous of their knowledge! It takes around 7 years to become a qualified solicitor and after the amount I learnt in a year, what they know must be absolutely fascinating! This is why when going to a law firm I have the greatest trust in the people that are there to help me in what ever area of law it is needed. As I have always had a love for London I didn't know of any local firms so when I looked them up and found Archers Solicitors was my local firm.


Archers Solicitors


Archers Solicitors is a niche practice specialising in Employment Law, Business Law and Civil & Commercial Litigation. Unfortunately solicitors can get a bad stigma as most people see the stereotypical solicitor as a big bad scary monster (which is some cases can be overly true as I have experienced) but Archers is not like this and cannot be put into this box. They are friendly and truly are there to help. To spend so much time learning and training to be in a position you have to be passionate about it, or at least I believe you do, and this really is the case here. I have not personally met the team but have had quite a bit of telephone contact and every time they surprise me with the immaculate manners and kind approach. I also found on the website they can provide training! Which not all law firm do. I have been totally shocked by what Archers offers as before this I believed I would never find a company that was a good as some of the massive (and massively overpriced) and beautiful company's in London but i can honestly say I have (let's hope my old boss isn't reading this).


If you have had any dealings with this firm then please don't hesitate to comment or leave a testimonial. As I have always had such an interest in this subject i would love to hear other views about the company and also about law in general. If you would like to know more about this company then click here.


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