Key Questions to Knowing your Business and Personal Goal
15th January 2011
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What is your goal?

Why is it important to be clear on your goals? You can get to somewhere you can’t see! (Brian Tracy)

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

1.       What would it take for me to be perfectly happy? For me to do the things I love doing

2.       In what situations in my life, and with whom, am I not perfectly happy?

3.       In looking over my life where and when have I been the happiest?

Then you need to consider what actions am I taking towards my goals? That is am I moving in the right direction or am I in complete inconsistency with the activities I enjoy the most, whether they can be achieved now or in the future?

Do I walk the walk and talk the talk?

A lot of the time we don’t know ourselves enough, which means that we are walking in completely the wrong direction and don’t even hear our deepest heart’s desires.

After you have heard it, your actions must match these.

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