Dodging the showers in town today
30th July 2009
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One moment it was sunny, the next dark clouds loomed, but the showers came and went quickly. Parking was fairly easy at lunchtime and town seemed quite busy. I was on a mission to meet two of the town's 'star' businesses.

Robert at Brackley Butchers explained; quite excitedly I'll add, that he'll be selling Longhorn Beef from the local estate in a few days time. Apparantly this superior meat is succulent and  flavourful because there's good marbling without too much 'exterior' fat. There'll be all sorts of cuts available but don't wait too long as it won't be around for long!

When I came out of the butchers, it had rained...thank goodness, as I'd left the brolly in the car.

After a quick visit to the town's Post Office and saying a quick 'hello' to Louise at Bloomers (there was a gorgeous mass of beautiful flowers inside) I went a little further up the road to see Angela at The Retreat.

If you've never been there before, you need to go inside and have a good look around. I should think many Brackley people would think the salon just provides treatments, but there's an amazing selection of cosmetics and beauty products. if you're looking for another way to treat yourself, or a special gift, call in and see what goodies are available; the friendly staff will be pleased to help. Angela has some exciting news which I'll share another day....

Brackley's lucky to have such businesses; with business owners dedicated to providing fantastic customer service and offering really high quality product ranges. They save us travelling so much further!


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