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Dulak has won a national award for being the best loved business in it's category.
Lakefield Nursery, the fun place for under fives, is recognised by the people of Brackley for being a top business in Brackley.
The Cutting Company is recognised as one of the best businesses in Brackley.
Brackley hidden gem butcher wins a national award
Magdalen College School on the success of Dragon’s Den, who won the semi final at Milton Keynes!
Brackley swimming pool, recommended for birthdays
Small town turns up some surprising results.
Sate of the roads in Brackley
Sate of the roads in Brackley
When will local roads be repaired?
Local people have taken time to show support and genuine affection for Brackley businesses. A few kind words can make a huge difference to a business owner who puts 110% of themselves into their work.
I love the snow
I love the snow
The snowy weather is lovely!
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