Amelia-Grace Rainbow Fund
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Amelia-Grace Rainbow Fund help children who are terminally ill or have life limiting conditions to experience some of the treats Amelia Grace had and create memories for other families to cherish.

The Amelia-Grace Rainbow Fund

Charitable Organisation for Children in Bournemouth 

The Amelia-Grace Rainbow Fund was established in memory of Amelia-Grace, a little girl with an aggressive childhood cancer who sadly passed away in 2010. 

Amelia-Grace appreciated all of the gifts she was given but used some of her money to buy a friend, who she spent time with in hospital, an x-box, an act of kindness that gave her friend some much needed fun and laughter. 

The Amelia-Grace fund was opened to support children in Dorset and the surrounding area who are suffering from Terminal, Life Limiting and Serious Chronic Illness, aiming to create an environment full of fun, laughter, achievement and memories by providing funds for activities and play.

The services provided include

  • Immediate access to funds for terminally ill children through hospital referral.  
  • Non means tested grants to families to support holidays, toys, games and activities that create memories.
  • Access to a fully equipped beach hut for families in Dorset with children in active treatment as well as families that are bereaved in Dorset. 
  • Family portraits for families whose children are in the last stages of life

How You Can Help

The Amelia-Grace Rainbow Fund generates money through fundraising events and activities and have a team of volunteers who work hard to organize successful events

Visit the website to find out more.

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