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What tests are there to detect the coronavirus? An infection with the coronavirus can be detected using various methods. Here are the most important: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. This test is considered the most reliable. Laboratories use highly sensitive, molecular test systems to verify the genetic makeup of the virus. According to the RKI, the pure test time is around 4 to 5 hours. However, one or two days can elapse from sampling to reporting the results, and more if large amounts of samples are available. If the infection was not long ago, swabs from the upper respiratory tract - i.e. from the throat or nose - are particularly suitable for the test. In later stages of the infection, secretions from the lower airways can also be examined. The detection of the coronavirus is also possible in the stool and less often in the blood. However, it is not yet clear how meaningful these findings are. Antigen test. This test should identify an acute infection with the coronavirus within a few minutes. The sample material is a throat swab. However, according to the RKI, the test methods available so far do not detect an infection as reliably as a PCR test. Virus growth. Virus cultivation from patient samples in cell culture systems plays a major role in research. They can help assess a patient's infectivity. However, virus cultivation requires specialist knowledge and specially equipped laboratories. Antibody test. The RKI considers a test for specific antibodies against the corona virus in the blood / serum to be sensible from an epidemiological point of view, because it allows additional knowledge to be gained about the actual spread of the virus in the population. It takes about one to two weeks between the first symptoms and the detection of specific antibodies. The antibodies can be detected both during the illness, after the symptoms have subsided, and after the virus has disappeared from the body. Imaging diagnostics. To supplement molecular diagnostics, radiological / imaging diagnostics of the respiratory tract should also be carried out in the case of severe disease. However, this can only be done in combination with a verification test.

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10 Tips for Business Ideas 1. Inconvenient / confused I felt inconvenient in my daily life and work, and I didn't know what to do. Or memorize and record things that I was very upset about, and make the solution a business. 2. Impressive / Inspiring How to make a business that is happy or saved in everyday life. On the other hand, there is also a viewpoint that produces and reproduces special scenes that cannot be or cannot be experienced in everyday life. 3. Hobbies / preferences How to make a business what you like from the beginning and worked separately from work. The development changes depending on whether the “favorite thing” exists widely or shallowly in the world. 4. Experience and expertise A method of thinking about a business using the experience, knowledge, and skills cultivated as a member of society. While there are options to show the skill in the same industry, there is a way of thinking to increase the value by bringing it to another industry. 5. Property / assets A way of thinking about a business with things you have, from visible things such as real estate such as land and buildings, cars and household goods, and even collections to invisible things such as qualifications and connections. Think about <business axis> 6. Introduction / joining A method of thinking about new businesses by connecting different industries and business categories. The idea is to incorporate mobile and delivery types into the industry where it is common sense to set up stores and attract customers. 7. Separation / division A method of extracting and commercializing only a part of the business processes that are considered necessary for a single business. Various outsourcing businesses and advertising agencies are originally based on this idea. 8. Resuscitation / Resurrection A method of re-emerging a product or service that has reached the end of its life cycle or defined as scarce value or made certain improvements. Recycling of old houses is one of these types. 9. Change and diversion A method of thinking about a new market by changing the use of existing products and services to something different from the original, or re-examining them with new values. It is famous that charcoal, a fuel, has become a healthy product. 10. Import / Export A method of taking in something that is not in Japan but in a foreign country and vice versa. There are also ways of thinking such as those in Kansai that are not in Kanto and those that are in this industry but not in that industry.

LCFC Youth Academy FutureImpsFund, Lincoln

Make money on YouTube You probably know that YouTube has an advertising program that allows popular video producers to earn some income. However, it takes a lot of work to get revenue from the platform. In this post, The Money Guy's Richard Franklin explains the details and other ways to supplement YouTube's earnings.

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Change and diversion A method of thinking about a new market by changing the use of existing products and services to something different from the original, or re-examining them with new values. It is famous that charcoal, a fuel, has become a healthy product.