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Whysup as an organisation deliver Presentations, Workshops and Keynotes to Schools, Businesses and other Organisations across the country to educate and raise awareness of modern-day threats to mental health that we’re all susceptible to.

Whysup was started by Mark and Liam, two old school friends who grew up in Bolton.


They are not teachers, counsellors, or professional speakers, but people who have lived through the illness of addiction, battled mental health, and now practice good wellbeing.

Mark and Liam know the importance of taking care of yourself, looking after your mental health and being able to ask for help when you need it most.  They now try to share what they have learned to benefit others and work within education, businesses, and sports clubs.

Since WHYSUP began, it has worked with more than 40,000 people across education, business and sporting environments throughout the region in face to face sessions. In recent months they have also launched a new service 'Wellbeing With Whysup'. This is monthly content that can be accessed 24/7 by businesses that sign up to the monthly subscription. Bolton Hospice, Greenhalgh's, Russell & Russell are just a few of the local businesses that are using the service.
Since starting WHYSUP, Mark and Liam have also helped hundreds of people through their support line which has been funded through sales of WHYSUP merchandise. In recent months they have also set up their own charity - Whysup Support. The charity will be about Supporting those that are struggling with their mental health and addiction. Something that's very important, especially in the current climate.
For more information check out their website and social media channels @whysupofficial.

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