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Tom Luke Tennis - providing a fun, engaging and educational Tennis experience to children and adults of all ages across Bolton.

More people than ever before are taking up sports. Whether it’s to keep fit or because they have a competitive edge. And Tennis is no exception. It is one of the fastest-growing sports not only in Bolton but across the whole of the UK. With more people than ever before of all ages wanting to learn the sport. And if you’re based in Bolton that’s where Tom Luke Tennis comes in. They provide tailored lessons teaching you everything from the basics to advanced Tennis for people of all ages throughout Bolton.


If you’re just wanting to see if Tennis is for you they offer free taster sessions to allow you to get to grip with the basics of the sport to see if it’s for you. Should you immediately find that you want to learn more about the sport and develop your skill they provide personalised one-to-one and group lessons to help you understand more about the sport and the strategies involved in developing yourself as a Tennis player.


With lessons resuming from the 29th of April, now is the time to get your taster sessions in to discover all of the fun that the sport of Tennis can offer you. Tom Luke Tennis also run lessons in tandem with local schools and throughout local communities in Bolton. Providing youngers with a sport that not only gets them engaging with other kids but also gets them exercising and keep physically fit.


Tom Luke Tennis - providing engaging and fun Tennis lessons to people of all ages in Bolton and the surrounding areas. From the basics of the sport right up to advanced.


If you want to get in touch with Tom regarding Tennis Lessons today you can reach him through the following ways:-


Phone: 077999 626 430


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