Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

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As a business owner in Bolton, it can sometimes seem like you’re all by yourself and up against it with no support there.

However, that’s far from the case. FSB or the Federation of Small Businesses is a network there to support business owners from across Lancashire and nearby areas when it comes to advising, financial consultations and general support for you to get your voice heard. Their mission as a federation simply comes down to ‘helping the smaller business achieve their ambitions’.

Already they have had a huge influence on a range of regulations affecting small businesses across the UK, who surprisingly make up 99.3% of the private sector! Some of the policies they’ve played a role in influencing includes freezing the VAT threshold and for smaller businesses to be excluded from the IR35 extension. By bringing smaller businesses together FSB ensures that together as a whole the group is stronger and can play a role in influencing policy both locally and nationally.

The non-profit organisation has been around for over 45 years ago and as it approaches it’s half-century birthday, it shows no signs of slowing its growth. By joining FSB as a business owner you’ll find that you’ll then have access to a range of services including financial products, advice, legal support and a range of other business services

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