Crossfit UF
  • Bark Street
    BL1 2AX
Crossfit UF - based in Bolton, specialising in giving you the building blocks to build up your confidence and grow your physical fitness.

Recently named Crossfit UF, Unique Fitness has always strived to live up to its name and provide a unique and engaging place to train for the people of Bolton. It has recently joined up with Crossfit, the high-intensity training that is taking the fitness industry by storm and holding competitions worldwide. They pride themselves in allowing you to notice the difference the moment you step into their gym from the personalised tailored coaching services on offer to the industry-grade training equipment.


It allows the people of Bolton a training facility that is free from ego and full of support to members of all different background, ages and capabilities. Coaches with years of experience can help you achieve your goals and build your confidence through a bespoke training plan tailored specifically to you. No matter what your background or capability is the support you have from other members and the coaches over at Unique Fitness can help you achieve all of your ambitions.


Functional training is also a big part of the training philosophy at Crossfit UF. Gone are the machines that focus solely on training one group of muscles at a time. Rather you will find the facility full of the latest functional machines that aim at working on multiple groups of muscles at the same time. No matter what your aim or goal is the team over at Crossfit UF can help you achieve them.


If you’re interested in knowing more about the facility that Crossfit UF have to offer why not get in touch with them!

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