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Financial planning should be more than just products and percentages. They believe it should be about enabling you to live the life you want.

About Clear Vision Wealth

There is a reason they are called Clear Vision. After many years of working in the City, and for major banking chains, assisting high-net-worth clients with complex financial requirements, they have seen the need for greater simplicity and clarity in the financial services, and a greater focus on getting the end results that are right for their client. 


At clear vision, they provide clarity for the journey ahead - your journey. 


The team at Clear Vision Wealth pride themselves on their old-fashions service values and attention to detail when it comes to client care. This means they really take their time to get to know you and your aspirations. But they are far from old-fashioned when it comes to utilising the best that financial technology can offer, providing you with innovative solutions and inspired thinking. 


Why choose Clear Vision Wealth? 

Clear Vision Wealth always go above and beyond to provide the best financial management service for their clients. Adopting traditional high service values with cutting edge techniques, technology and financial understanding. 


  • A commitment to cutting edge technology. 

Providing their clients with a new innovative client portal to a sophisticated cash-flow planning software. You can be sure that you are in safe hands at Clear Vision Wealth as they continuously ensure their service is  efficient and more accessible. 


  • Freedom of choice around how you work with them. 

As the world around us has changes, the way that Clear Vision Wealth has changed too. No matter what you are comfortable with, be it face to face or remotely, Clear Vision Wealth is happy to work with you. Not only do they make sure you are happy with how you access their services, they also have fair fees that reflect your needs. Clear vision Wealth is happy to work in whatever way you feel the most comfortable. 


  • Highly committed, and highly experienced team.

The team at Clear Vision Wealth have been helping their clients organise their finances to achieve the best possible outcomes for many years. More than 25 years experience in John Lyon's case, and more than 15 years in Kevin Delaney's case. They promise to bring commitment and excellence to every client's financial plan. 


  • Their traditional, high-service values 

Clear Vision Wealth are a modern firm, but still hold traditional values: respect, attention to the small details, a team who know you personally, and always allow enough time to listen and understand when you call on them for help. 


  • You will be working with a "Gold Standard" Chartered Financial Planner

Chartered status is awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute and is considered the "Gold Standard" financial planning accreditation. As a Chartered Financial Planner, John Lyons has not only demonstrated a high degree of technical competence, but a public commitment to upholding their professional standards and adhering to a professional Code of Ethics. So you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with Clear Vision Wealth.  


  • Clear Vision Wealth are interested in you and your vision for your life - not just your money 

Clear Vision Wealth might be financial in nature, but they are not interested purely in your financial outcomes. For Clear Vision Wealth, a successful outcome allows you to go ahead and achieve your vision for your life. 


 Who does Clear Vision Wealth Help? 

Clear Vision Wealth can help: 

  • Starting to build wealth 
  • Planning your retirement 
  • In your retirement 
  • Solicitors 
  • Ethical and Sharia investors 


 Give them a call today to start your financial management journey. 

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