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Mark Reece of Business Rescue recently delivered a 'Business Planning' workshop to members of Thebestof bolton. His knowledge of the subject was obvious and his delivery kept everyone's interest throughout. Marks passion for business matters shines through and he clearly thrives on helping people in business.
Business Rescue acted as event sponsor for the Big Bolton Expo and really demonstrated a desire to connect up and support local businesses. Mark at Business Rescue also recently facilitated a workshop for businesses all around planning and this was excellent and the feedback and response was fantastic with businesses leaving the room motivated to map out 2015 and their goals.
I recently attended a Business Planning every led by Mark and through it was nothing short of excellent. A real understanding of the subject and fantastic information was passed on to all those who attended and I would highly recommend Business Rescue to anyone needing any advice regarding business planning.
It was a pleasure to meet Mark Reece and attend his workshop. His knowledge and expertise is second to none and with a great delivery, it made for a highly informative meeting. I think the support and advice offered to businesses, however large or small, is invaluable and I am looking forwrad to benefiting from more Business Rescue advice very soon. Much appreciated
I attended a Business workshop run by Mark this week. it was really helpful and gave me a lot of great information to help progress my business onto the next level.
WOW, Mark really knows his stuff, his experience and knowledge and ability to translate his technical knowledge into language we can all understand is amazing. He has really helped me structure my business and given me a clear focus on the future.
Excellent workshop yesterday, very informative, well executed and I learned a lot about planning for 2015 Thankyou
My husband & I are owners of a small Italian restaurant, in a small East Lancashire Town. When we were first introduced to Mark, we had been experiencing business trouble over a number of years & were already in an IVA, which we were struggling to pay. As a result of this, we also had post-IVA debt , owing mainly to the HMRC. At this point we were advised by all involved to go down the route of bankruptcy, as this was our only option. Mark Reece was the first person to say that this should be the last option. On a brief look at the business, he believed it was still viable & that we should keep on fighting. He was the only person to offer any line of hope. Since his involvement, we have made arrangements to pay back the current debt & the IVA has been varied to reduced payments by half! This was no small task by Mark, as the IVA practitioners were very reluctant & the HMRC were initially against the idea totally. It was only through his hard work & tenacity that Mark made this possible. We could not have done this without him. Mark has always conducted himself very professionally but also made himself very approachable. He has always managed to set our minds at ease when we faced any difficulties or obstacles. He has helped us focus more on the business & bring us up to date with policies & procedures. He is always at the end of the phone to answer any questions or queries or troubles we may have. In fact even when he was on holiday he was taking our calls. As a result of Mark's involvement in our business, we are more focused, more excited about the future & trade as already begun to increase. We are not there yet, but for the first time in years, we both feel that we actually have a future & a bright one at that. We would highly recommend Mark to anyone needing the same kind of help with their Business.
I was recommended to Business Rescue UK Ltd by an Insolvency Practitioner as my mechanical & electrical engineering business was suffering by main contracts delayed payments. I was undertaking contracts in a range of £20,000.00 to £500,000.00 and found main contractors and clients were holding onto substantial certified payments by design. I had substantial pressure as suppliers required payment within 30 days and wages had to be paid weekly. Initially I had taken out short term personal loans to prop up my cashflow and paid the company who threatened Court proceedings as a priority. My business had been running in this manor for about a year and I could not see a way round it. I approached an Insolvency Practitioner who recommended me to a Dr Ron Mitchell acting on behalf of Business Rescue UK Ltd Dr Mitchell suggested I should look at spreading my debts over a period of five years and felt with my cashflow and future contracts I could sustain this. I was sceptical as my business was as a sole trader. I was aware of IVA’s that were an arrangement via a 75% vote in favour by creditors, but I was not aware of an arrangement with individual creditors without Court approval. To my surprise all creditors agreed to the Business Rescue format over five years except HMRC who were 50% of my outstanding debts. They were still trying to come to a figure? The package ran extremely well with my business paying its current creditors on time and paying £2,500.00 to Business Rescue to be distributed to the creditors who had agreed to the extended payment package. I was also paying HMRC as my projected cashflow. This continued for six months, but still HMRC could not agree a figure amongst their numerous departments, but with Dr Mitchell’s persistence they came to an agreement on a figure. My file was then passed to HMRC at Glasgow, a VAT office who after another two months deliberation said that they required a down payment of £30,000.00 before they would agree to the arrangement. I have a Tax rebate of £35,000.00 to come from CIS deductions by my clients at source which is due at the time of writing. I still have not received any final demand from HMRC, but it will finally be issued. Although my rescue package was not successful it was only terminated by the inefficiency of HMRC and I would strongly recommend any individual or company approach Business Rescue UK Ltd with a view to extended settlement of outstanding debts. Business Rescue UK Ltd is made of extremely experienced administrators, retired bank managers and company directors who have a wealth of knowledge in the Insolvency field
We were first introduced to Business Rescue UK Ltd in May 2012, they were recommended by our bank manager. Mark Reece attended our offices to go through our Company finances after a Director left. He assisted us in re-evaluating our finances, contracts etc. assisting us to look at the finances with “fresh eyes”. We still use Business Rescue and believe they are invaluable in assisting with a wide array of financial matters. We would recommend Business Rescue UK Ltd to any business without hesitation.
I have no hesitation in recommending Business Recue UK Ltd and Mark Reece. Mark approached our situation with professionalism and produced a very in-depth and clear business medical (report of where the business was at that time) and a set of management figures detailing how the business could clearly move forward. Mark successfully brokered arrangements for us with our creditors and assisted in presenting to the bank. Mark gave us on-going support and kept us fully informed and was able to offer sound advice on all aspects of the business. He was happy to challenge our assumptions and make us re-examine each situation in detail as it arose. Unlike most consultants Mark is not afraid to role his sleeves up and get stuck right into the nitty gritty
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