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Had re-occurring migraines which meant I could not function and ended up in hospital numerous times. Now, with osteopath appts every few weeks I can function and the migraines less severe
I would highly recommend Alex for cranial osteopathy. It's definitely made a difference with our baby to help improve his reflux/colic and also his latch when breastfeeding. Alex is very friendly and my baby enjoyed each session.
Fantastic service. I would highly recommend Alex Green. Friendly and very good Osteopath
Incredibly nice chap and extremely knowledgeable!
Fantastic service from Alex - has been so patient and helped our newborn baby. We have seen big improvements. Would recommend to all.
Very friendly and helpful service. I would give 5 stars
I was dubious about visiting Alex but I am glad that I did - my neck feels so much better and no longer clicks. I will definitely return if I need to.
I went to visit Alex with severe back pain, as he had been recommended to me by my father - best decision I ever made! After the first visit, I could actually move again. After the second session, I was totally pain free and better than ever! I can't thank Alex enough for his 'magic hands' - I am about to book my husband in for a visit...
Always excellent service and fantastic range of services available.
Very good, would recommend to anybody. Has helped with shoulder injury no end.
Alex is a true professional. The treatment received has benefited me a great deal. I would recommend 100%
After my accident, I went to Bolton Osteopathic Clinic. They are very friendly and knowledgeable, treatment has helped a lot and I always recommend other people to the clinic.
Professional, friendly and effective. I would give 4 stars.
Been coming here for years and always receive excellent treatment. Henna is a good addition to the team! I'll be back!
Very good, really made me feel better. Wonderful! 5 stars
Amazing, can't thank Alex enough. Miracle worker!!
As. You get older you feel your body is falling apart and it doesn't do what you want it to do. I had a terrible back seizure in my 40s and also as a consequence of a broken leg at the age of 1, I have lower back problems. Seeing Alex monthly has meant I can still get on the floor and play with my granddaughter, garden, go to Zumba and just keep going without too many aches and especially my lower back being really painful. I rarely take painkillers which is a bonus. You always get a very warm welcome at the clinic and feel a valued and special client. Many thanks.
I can not recommend Bolton Osteopathic Clinic enough. After having a tongue tie divided at 4 months, my son needed help to feed normally again. After 4 sessions he was good as new! Thank you
I have been coming to this clinic for quite a while. Prior to having my children it helped me gain a degree of autonomy by enabling me to continue driving and occasionally socialising with my friends without being dosed up to the eyeballs with analgesics. During my pregnancies they helped to keep out of a wheel chair, which the obstetrician had predicted I would be in by the end of my pregnancy. I was able to mobilise using a pair of elbow crutches. The advice they gave regarding SPD was invaluable. Now they are helping my children recover from, sprains and muscle fatigue. Thank you very much.
A very relaxed and professional practice. Make you feel at home and confident in what they are doing. Thank you for all your help
On 18th Nov 2016. I firstr visited for a very bad back by lifting! During five visits my bank has completely recovered. Im now doing 1/4 year visits
Great, friendly service and bang on results as always
I have had an excellent result from my treatment. Very friendly and professional service
After my initial running assessment at Bolton Osteo, I realised that I had a lot to learn and needed help if I was going to continue my new hobby and not hurt myself on a regular basis. Alex has taught me how to run, how to strengthen my core and how to not damage myself at the same time. I have to admit that I was initially dubious about whether I needed to be taught how to run, after all I had been doing it for years and never had a lesson! I am now a firm believer that all children should be taught how to run in schools, as part of their PE lessons. I cannot thank Alex enough for his input into my fitness and I will definitely be back for a top-up in the future. Thanks again.
Wonderful! My little girl had suffered from reflex for birth and displayed obvious pain. After one session with Alex she was noticeably happier and much ore comfortable. After 2 her symptoms were so much better! So thankful to Alex for making such a difference to my little girl.
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