Bolton Osteopathic Clinic
  • 50 St George's Road
    BL1 2DD
Bolton Osteopathic are the pre-eminent healthcare musculoskeletal specialists in Bolton. Professional and well established, with many years of experience, you know you’re in safe hands. Male and female Osteopaths to cater for all your physical healthcare needs.
“Bolton Osteopathic Clinic are experts in treatment for pain reduction and maintaining health"


Bolton Osteopathic Clinic is run by Alex Green, Zaheer Abbas and Henna Javed. They pride themselves on delivering exceptional service, always.

Principal clinician Alex has over 16 years in the osteopathic industry, and he is an expert in dealing with all different types of injuries both big and small. Zaheer and Henna also provide exceptional care in their supporting clinics. Alex & Henna both provide care for paediatric patients and Zaheer is an expert in the medico-legal field.

Bolton Osteopathic Clinic can help any client, and regular patients include professional footballers, professional dancers and so many more so you’re guaranteed to be in safe hands.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a way of detecting and correcting health problems. It uses a wide range of techniques to reduce tension in muscles, tendons and ligaments, relieving strain, increasing movement and improving circulation to restore the body’s natural balance without the need for drugs. It’s a lot more than just backs and back rubs!


Bolton Osteopathic Clinic can help with all different types of injuries including:

• Joint Problems
• Muscle Injuries
• Nerve Pain
• Spinal Pain
• Neck Pain
• Upper Back Pain
• Lower Back Pain
Not only that, Alex Green is an expert when it comes to frozen shoulder, which is a painful stiffening of the shoulder. Just give him a call to find out more.

Zaheer has spent many years dealing with personal injury in the medico-legal context and has specialised in the care of power lifters and weight lifters treating some of the champions in World Powerlifting and Benchlifting.

Henna is our newest osteopath and is a specialist in the treatment of women and women’s health. She also has expertise in working with jaw pain. 

Children and Baby Osteopathy

Birth can be a strenuous and stressful process for mum and baby, this lead to unsettled babies and mothers with discomfort. Alex has years of experience in working with mums, babies and young children.

By doing this, it can greatly relieve discomfort that your baby may be experiencing.

Opening Hours

Alex works in the clinic the following hours

• Monday from 8am-12pm
• Wednesday from 12pm-6pm
• Friday from 8am-6pm

Zaheer works the following hours

• Tuesday from 12pm-6pm
• Wednesday from 8am-11am
• Alternate Saturday's from 8am-10:30am
Henna works the following hours

• Alternate Saturdays from 9am-1pm

Contact Details

50 St George’s Road

01204 361463

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