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96.5 Bolton FM takes the air waves to make the voice of our community audible throughout the town and also the world via the website and by doing that it represents us to the entire world. A big thank you.
This business is run by the community of Bolton for the Community of Bolton, they are totally approachable and businesslike. The staff who run the office are friendly and knowledgeable and the Station Manager is totally comitted to runing this community station like a commercial station no holds barred.
It cheers up my mornings on the way into work... Excellent selection of Music not to mention an excellent presenter...
It is Bolton's own radio station run by volunteers and staff who have lived in the town all their lives. Because it's local it's a reliable source for everything that's happening in Bolton.
It tells the people of Bolton what is going on in their town. Plus it gives a voice to the residents of Bolton. Oh, and it plays great music too.
It tells the people of Bolton what is going on in their town. Plus it gives a voice to the residents of Bolton. Oh, and it plays great music too.
Bolton FM is a truly local station just for Bolton. It has a focus on news and events in Bolton that no other station can offer. It is a local station for local people and run by local volunteers. If you want to know what is happening in Bolton it is THE place to be. Listen on 96.5FM or listen online at A unique station for a unique town. Bolton FM the Voice Of The Bolton Family. Based in the centre of Bolton to serve the people of Bolton
It is largely staffed by volunteers. It is less than 2 years old its making a big difference to the community in and around Bolton. It has great growth potential, spreads the word of 'Bolton' across the world by way of its very frequent mention of Bolton via internet broadcasts.
local news and topics, great music and chat and being kept informed with traffic reports on the local roads.
I love that the radio station is a real community effort, for example the community getting together to create a broadcastable radio station. The roadshows also allow the community to get together :) All the shows also involve everybody from teenagers to the oldies!
Great music all day every day. Helps to get me outa beta!
I love how anyone in the community can be a part of this friendly group! They can become volunteers and are taught essential skills, not only for employment but also personal development. They can make friends, have work opportunities, build essential confidence and most importantly, strengthen the community! I love what they do and love listening to Bolton FM!
I love there breakfast show the mornings are not quite the same with out listening to Ms Teal
It's a nice varied music station that plays music from loads of different decades meaning I never get bored. The breakfast presenters are awesome & I just think it's a fantastic show :-D
The ability to inform the people of Bolton about things that are of interest to them and hopefully help with social cohesion that is so important to the towns success Broadcasting to Bolton people is a privilege
It is doing a great job looking after and keeping informed the Bolton public on everything that is Bolton.
Bolton FM are a really good local station, I like the sport that is on there and also the music is ok too
My mum listens to Bolton FM in the car and I like listening to it with her as there is a good mix of music on there
Great sport and great music, everyone should listen to a local radio station like this
I enjoy listening to Bolton FM because it has loads of local stuff that i know and recognise. I know the businesses and enjoy the music
I listen to Bolton FM every day both in my car and in my office, and i love it! What a great station. Lots of good music, easy to listen to and some really interesting shows. I have advertised on the station - it was excellent value for money and delivered me some results! So come on Bolton! Get support your local community station and get listening... Eric Henshaw Business for Breakfast.
We used Bolton FM as part of our early advertising strategy with thebestof bolton, we had heard only positive things about Bolton FM and its operation and so felt that radio advertising with them would be a great way to get our message out to not only the people of Bolton but also the business sector too. It worked, we were heard and people commented that they has heard us on the radio. We are just about to embark on our third round of advertising with Bolton FM and are looking forward to the rewards it brings.
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Andrew Dickson, Chairman of Bolton FM has proudly announced (Saturday 2nd June); that Bolton FM is a recipient of the Queens Award for Voluntary Services. Read article
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