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Smartphones and tablets may seem one of the best inventions we’ve seen since the turn of the century. However, for all the benefits they bring, there’s always a downside. In the case of smartphones and tablets, they’re very susceptible to damage.

Either through accidentally downloading a virus or dropping it on the ground only to pick it up and notice a broken screen. It can sometimes seem like the end of the world when this happens, however, it doesn’t need to be.

A Mobiles in Bolton are specialists when it comes to mobile phones, tablets and other modern-day technology. 


A-Mobiles don’t just fix broken screens, if you start to notice that your battery is draining quickly, they can take a look and provide you with a fresh one.

They can also look at repairing your phone should any water or other liquids have seeped into it.

Other services they can offer you include transferring your data. With most of us keeping a mountain of important photos of friends and family members on our phones, the last thing you want to do is lose these photos.

When you get yourself a new phone you can always be second-guessing yourself as to whether they have transferred over correctly. However don’t worry, the team at A Mobiles can ensure not a single photo is lost.

Phone Unlocking

A Mobiles can also unlock phones from nearly every network. After all, nothing is more frustrating than buying a phone online only to have it arrive and you can’t use it for calls or texts.

They provide a cost-effective and quick unlocking service meaning you can get your phone back up and use it to its full potential in no time.


A Mobiles also have a whole range of different accessories including chargers and power banks should you need them.

Just visit their shop on Blackburn Road to see their fantastic range available.

First Class Service

You know you’re getting great service from them by simpling looking at their reviews. Scoring top marks on both Yell and Google Reviews, it’s clear that they ensure all of their customers are left happy.

And they’ve certainly got the experience as well. Having replaced over 1800 screens, sold over 1600 phones and replaced over 900 batteries, they know what they’re doing.

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