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Very Good and Helpful. Always willing to help & Advise!. I help loads of friends with computer issues etc and if I cant fix it, I will always send them in to see them or tell them to speak to Corner Stone for their supplies and needs. They are ALWAYS willing to help and advise. VERY WELL RESPECTED and RECOMMENDED! They have provided me with help and advice on matters that most other computer suppliers would ignore or not have any interest in.
Fixed a problem with my PC that Bognor PC could not deal with because it was beyond their capabilities. What was wrong? Just a faulty Power supply! Cornerstone worked that one out in about 2 minutes. Well done.
The breadth of knowledge of computers and comms equipment is awesome and I thought I knew computers. Very helpful at all times and very good value.
I went into the shop to ask about laptops expecting mind boggling information. Instead I got very clear very concise, easy to understand advice. Incredibly helpful gentleman gave me the information I was looking for to make my mind up. Very useful tips on what to look for and what to avoid. Brilliant!
Although the technical language is sometimes above my head, Michael and the staff offer a first clas high speed service. They have rescued me from the mire on several occasions at little or no cost. The advice I receive concerning hardware,software and consumables is exceptional. A truly remarkable service rigth on our doorstep.
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