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Wessex Heartbeat charity for Bognor Regis and surrounding areas

Wessex Heartbeat, just along the coast from Bognor Regis, was established in 1992 and is one of the region's major charities and exists to support the work of the Wessex Cardiac Centre (WCC). WCC is one of the UK's leading heart treatment centres.

The generosity of our supporters from Bognor Regis and all over the country, at all levels, has enabled Wessex Heartbeat to raise over £11m which we have used to help ensure that the best possible care is provided to more than 20,000 patients treated at the centre each year.

Cardiovascular disease causes nearly 40% of all deaths annually in the UK. This sadly means that at some time, most of us will be affected by this disease whether it is ourselves, our loved ones or our colleagues.

In essence our vision and mission are one;

That everyone affected by heart conditions receives the best possible support.

We do this in a number of ways:-


Promoting positive perception of people with heart conditions
Being the best possible support for patients and their families
Being the best possible support to staff
Being recognised as best in field
Our VISION achieved through our VALUES
Be of service through individual commitment
Show a caring, empathic, compassionate approach
Integrity and Stewardship in safe hands


Wessex Heartbeat Charity have launched a new initiative called 'Your Healthy Heart' aimed at supporting the health of the community throughout the Wessex region. We are visiting both companies and communities to offer blood pressure checks, cholesterol testing (both of which are silent killers), blood glucose and body mass index checks.

"It is my vision that everyone affected by heart conditions receive the best possible support. However, prevention is better than cure and if we are able to highlight these risk factors earlier on through running this initiative, then I would consider that we have made significant progress towards achieving that goal" explains D'Arcy Myers, CEO of Wessex Heartbeat Charity.


If you would like information on the above initiative, on any other aspect of Wessex Heartbeat, or to help with fundraising, please contact Wessex Heartbeat on 023 8079 5907, or email info@heartbeat.org.uk.


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