Interest FREE Payment on all wireless intruder alarms installed.
  • Valid until: 31/12/2018

Interest Freepayment options for all wireless intruder alarms installed in domestic properties.

Sentinel Security Systems Limited will carry out a free no obligation site survey and quote for a wireless intruder alarm in your home.

Some of the benefits of a wireless intruder alarm are:

Wireless – don’t need to run cables through your property disrupting your fixtures and fittings

Easy to add, remove or re-locate PIR’s

With the app on a smartphone or tablet you can set, un-set, part set anywhere in the world as long as there is wi-fi connection

Get notifications via the app when the alarm is activated and notified of which room the alarm was activated in

PIR’s with built-in cameras available, takes 7 pictures of the intruder when the alarm has been activated and images appear on phone app ready to be sent to police via text of email

For further information, full terms and conditions or to arrange your free site survey, please contact Lynette Silini, Sales Manager on 0121 270 6819 – 07534 746 867