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Bicester Vets, Bicester

I have been with Bicester vets for many, many years. When we had our cat Midnight she suddenly became very ill and collapsed, the vet who treated her, Fiona Cornish was excellent in her diagnosis of cancer, unfortunately we lost Midnight that evening, our second cat Misty who also became ill had a problem with her brain, I made the decision to have her put to sleep, our third cat Mollie who I'm pleased to say is still with us was treated by Lucy in November 2012, whilst in her care Mollie became very ill and we were referred immediately to the Willows referral centre, Shirley, West Midlands, it was a really good call by Lucy because Mollie was diagnosed with pneumonia, thank goodness for Bicester vets I say. They are absolutely brilliant, not only do they care for the animals fantastically but they also look after the owners just the same, just brilliant