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Dear Keith & Pat, We wanted to say a huge thank you for providing such beautiful arrangements. We had total confidence in your service and were thrilled with the flowers. I really loved my bouquet & all of the other arrangements were just right too. Thank you for all your efforts!
We would like to thank Keith & Pat for the beautiful bouquets and all the flowers you provided for us on our wedding day, we wanted to let you know how happy we were with them. Kind regards & many thanks
Just a short note to thank you for the beautiful table decorations that you did for our wedding on 3rd October at the Barns Hotel Many thanks!
I popped into Greycourt Florists in Kempston yesterday to pick up some flowers for my wife. The ladies there were superb and not only advised me on the types of flowers and colours that go together but also on the shades of foliage which then complimented the final bouquet. My wife was delighted with the wonderful flowers, especially because of the obvious care and attention which went into choosing the various items which made up the bouquet. Many thanks to Everyone at Greycourt's!
I popped into Greycourt Florists in Kempston yesterday to pick up some flowers for my wife. The ladies there were superb and not only advised me on the types of flowers and colours that go together but also on the shades of foliage which then complimented the final bouquet. My wife was delighted with the wonderful flowers, especially because of the obvious care and attention which went into choosing the various items which made up the bouquet. Many thanks to Everyone at Greycourt's!
Keith & the team are truly fantastic. From doing my wedding flowers 15 years ago, I've been back time and time again. If I ever get flowers from anywhere else I typically regret it as they are just not in the same class.
Whenever I walk into the shop or call them up to place an order it feels like visiting friends. I'm always made welcome and listened to rather than sold to. Added to this genuinely customer service is the skill of the florists, they create unique and imaginative arrangements while keeping in mind the tastes of the receiver which they've gently extracted from me. I'd highly recommend them to anyone thinking of the smallest bunch of flowers all the way to a fitting funeral tribute.
Greycourt are by far the best florists in Bedford. I used them for my wedding in July. I was always kept updated so nothing was a surprise. When the day of our wedding came and the flowers were delivered they were so perfect. Greycourt managed to capture our personalities in the flowers, I had never thought this to be possible.They will cater for your needs, wither it is budget or style you are in great hands with the friendly and lovely Keith, Pat and all the wonderful people at Greycourt. Be assured that the flowers used will be of the best quality and the arrangments outstanding.
i have been in this shop many times and as always have been given the time to look around at my own pace, they are very polite and have plenty of time to make you welcome i would highly recommended this shop to all
Others have said it before but it bears repetition; Greycourt Florists are, quite simply, an amazing florists whose service and quality is second to none, whether its their very useful reminder service or the wide range of gifts they offer as well as flowers. What woman wouldnʼt love wine, chocs AND flowers? With Greycourts you can send all this and you may even decide to throw in a cuddly teddy bear too! The staff are friendly, the flowers are always beautiful and the service is exemplary. Well done Pat and Keith on 30 years in business. Long may you continue.
I have used the exceptional floristry service that Greycourt offer a number of times and am always astounded by the flower arrangements that they produce. The level of work and attention to detail that they put into there displays is truly amazing and i would never use another florist from now on as i know that the flowers would not live up to the flower arrangements that Greycourt Florists produce.
In my opinion Greycourt Florists are without doubt the best of the best. For the past two years Greycourt have been supplying my Practice with floral arrangements for the reception. These are changed every week and I have been absolutely delighted with every single arrangement. As well as this I get all my bouquets for my family, friends and business associates from Keith, Pat and their excellent team. As well as the bouquets being undoubtedly the best around, the service is also second to none. On one occasion I ordered some last minute flowers at 11:00am and they were delivered to the front door before 12:00. I cannot recommend Greycourt Florists highly enough and neither can the dozens of people that use them now after seeing their creations. Thank you Keith, Pat and the Team
Each time I have used Greycourt I have been hugely impressed with their wonderful selection of fresh flowers. Then they produce the most amazing arrangements and make great suggestions. They have an uncanny ability to match my requirements perfectly and always deliver exactly as instructed. Now I look no further - Greycourt Florists for me every time.
We have used Greycourt Florists for over 3yrs now to supply all our clients with bouquets when they move into their new homes. The quality of their flowers and arrangements is quite outstanding and our clients always call to thank us for the beautiful bouquets and never fail to return to us or recommend friends and family. Greycourt quite simply compliments our business and i would recommend their services to any business lookng to impress their own customers and obtain quality repeat business and referrals. Thank you Greycourt
Iʼve used Greycourt several times and have been more than satisfied with their service. Just recently, though, their high standard of customer care proved itself once again when I realised that an interflora delivery Iʼd asked them to organise would be going to an empty house. Greycourt sorted the whole problem out very professionally. They cancelled with one interflora florists and sorted out another florists to deliver to where the recipients had gone on holiday. Needless to say theyʼd saved the day and my embarrassment - I was delighted.
Amazing! I have been using Greycourt Florists for the last 5 years both as a business and personally and would not go anywhere else. As well as giving a great service you also provide flower arrangements that are truly beautiful! I have been lucky enough to receive several bouquets form friends and family (who I have recommended to use you!!) and have always been delighted. They have been of extremely high quality, original design and delivered when promised. Thanks so much i will continue to use and recommend you - and congratulations on your 30th!!!
Keith, Pat and the staff at Greycourt provide a fantastic, award winning floristry service. Their reminder service means you should never miss an important birthday or anniversary. Once you try them you will not want to go anywhere else. "you provide the thought...they provide the flowers."
Itʼs been said by many before me but Greycourt quite simply win the award for best customer service. Pat and Keith should be very proud. Every time I need flowers either for myself or a client, they ʼdeliverʼ. Not only flowers, but when I wanted to send a gift to a football team, I thought flowers wouldnʼt quite ʼcut itʼ so Keith agreed to put a good ʼbottle of somethingʼ in the package and delivered it all to the football club in time for their annual end of season party. Thatʼs just one example of many I could give you. I highly recommend them whether you want flowers locally, nationally or internationally.
Iʼve just learnt that Greycourt have been going for 30 years on Saturday! All i can say is that if theyʼre around in another 30 years iʼll still be using them! Greycourt are awesome, they remind me about all my upcoming family events (great service that by the way) and they always deliver fantastic arrangements. 6 weeks ago or so Greycourt delivered an arrangement to one of my new clients, 2 days later I got a referral because of the flowers which generated another 4 customers! They always deliver, they always advise and I wouldnʼt go anywhere else. Recommended? Of course - it just doesnʼt get any better than this if you need flowers.
I am pleased to say that having experienced Greycourt flowers service first hand they certainly deserve the title of being one of the best. In typical fashion, I left preparations for my wedding anniversary until the last minute. It was actually the day before that I contacted them to arrange delivery of flowers for my wife. This was not a problem to them and they spent time ascertaining the type of flowers that my wife liked, my budget and where we would be during the day so that delivery could be made. During the day, (which was a Saturday), we changed our plans and wanted to visit a relative. I contacted them to find out an estimated time that the flowers would be delivered. They suggested that rather than us wait in for the delivery, contacted the delivery driver and changed his schedule to deliver to us at our relatives house. This alone was fantastic demonstration of customer service. On delivery of the flowers, my wife’s breath was taken away. The arrangement was exactly to her tastes and made her feel that a great deal of time and effort had been made for her. I would have absolutely no hesitation in referring them to any of my clients, friends, relations or anyone who wanted flowers. Thank you again for helping to make our anniversary special.
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