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Everyone at the Bedford Chiropractic clinic was very friendly. They have really helped me with my back pain. I have already recommended them to my friends!
I know Dr Satveer from the Bedford Wellness Circle and went along to a seminar he held about the Gait Scan at his clinic. Everything made sense to me as to why I had had problems since childhood which eventually led to my back condition.

I now wear tailor-made orthotics in my shoes which have made a real difference in the way I walk. I also have a monthly Chiropractic treatment to help keep my back in good condition.

The service I have received from all the staff at Bedford Chiropractic Clinic has always been professional and caring. Their holistic approach to health care, right down to nutrition, is a refreshing change from the NHS way of treating patients, and I should know as I am a nurse!
Since August 2008 I have been seeing Dr. Satveer, I am overwhelmed by the improvements that Dr. Satveer along with his staff how my life has improved. Going to Dr. Satveer after 8 weeks having re-correction of alignment of my whole body I stopped having a long term headache that I had for 9 months. Under the Bedford Chiropractor Clinic philosophy off treating the WHOLE body and not just where you are experiencing pain the headache went and has not come back since.
I have been to the clinic for a number of sports-related injuries and found the treatment there to be comprehensive, well-informed and friendly. Dr Satveer and the team talk in one voice and they provide a welcoming atmosphere whenever I go in.

I would highly recommend them if people are looking for chiropractic care, or sports massage / therapy.
Sarah Hubbard
01234 838908
I suffer from Arthritis and I have to take a range of medication. Recently it didn,t seem to be working and as a Mum you have to keep going. A friend recommended
Dr Satveer and his team. Following 2 visits the improvement was incredible and i have managed to stop most of the tablets , that I had been taking. He has given me hope for the future. If you have any problem don,t let it build up get it treated today, and start living!!
Since I have had treatment by Dr Satveer, my very painful arthritic knee has become at least bearable.
My frozen shoulder, which my GP told me would never improve, now has around 95% pain-free mobility.
Dr Satveer has also given me excellent advice on nutrition and this is helping with my weight loss.
The Doctor and staff are cheerful and positive, helpful and plain-speaking.
I am growing in my confidence to handle the wear and tear and other effects on my aging body.
If you have not undertaken chiropractic before, then this is the place to start!
Dr. Surin Satveer HAS GIVEN ME MY LIFE BACK !!
His philosophy -to treat the WHOLE PERSON- that is why I have changed from, an obese, depressed woman, unable to walk upright or very far, in constant pain, in fact life had become too much of an effort, to a new woman.
I had a course of treatments from Dr. Satveer:- chiropractic for the back and sciatica, (his use of the activator makes treatment much gentler), hypnotherapy and NLP for pain relief and weight loss, and nutritional advice for diet and supplements required. I am now animated, full of verve, free of pain, lighter and much slimmer (bit to go but actively working on it). I now walk straight and tall, in fact I CAN WALK, I have embarked on self development courses, but best of all I am LIVING Life and enjoying it.
I now travel from Suffolk for regular maintenance checks
bi-monthly, and Dr. Satveer advises me accordingly.
The Bedford Chiropractic Clinic is a Health and Wellness Clinic not just for now, but for LIFE, where you are treated by an experienced, caring, Doctor of Chiropractic and his friendly team.
I cannot thank you enough Dr. Satveer.
very profesional practice. you are seen to very quickly,and the staff are very helpfull.I would recommend a visit if you have pain.
only just started going to the clinic but a very friendly service at a competative price. I would recomend a visit if you are thinking of going to a chiropractor
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