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Good parenting helps children grow up confident and happy. Parenting Matters coaching courses, in Beaconsfield, give you those extra parenting skills needed to bring out the best in you and your child

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Parenting can be one of the most rewarding, but also one of the most challenging jobs we do and it doesn't get any easier as they get older!

For most jobs we receive at least some training; there are cookery and dog training classes but when it comes to bringing up children, probably the most demanding and important thing we do, we are on our own… Now, with parent coaching courses you can brush up your skills. You can become your own Super Nanny!

Parenting Matters, based in Beaconsfield, servicing the Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross and Chalfonts area, will teach you how to improve your relationship with your children. Parenting Matters can help you have a more harmonious family life, more cooperative children and help bring out the best in them, both at home and at school.

Dr Clare Bailey, a GP and founder of Parenting Matters, along with her husband (a BBC producer) developed the Little Angels series. Clare trained at the world renowned Institute of Psychiatry to run the course which has demonstrated that small changes in parenting skills can transform lives.

Parenting Matters will teach you how to improve your children's behaviour and set clear and consistent limits; how to interact in ways that enhance your relationship & improve the child's self esteem; how to develop a child's problem solving skills to produce confident, independent children; how to improve children's achievements at school; and most importantly, how to enjoy your children more.

"Each session had an immediate and beneficial impact on the behaviour and atmosphere at home. I never missed a session and never felt guilty about giving up the time" GP , mother of 3

GP , mother of 3

Enhance your parenting skills with a Parenting Matters Course - an enjoyable and effective approach using proven positive parenting techniques

Parenting Matters run a range of parenting skills courses in small groups, for two hours a week over nine weeks, in the Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross and Chalfonts area

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