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The Walk Centre is a charity seeking volunteers and donations to assist the children and families of the Hilton slum area in Nakuru, Kenya. Find out how you can support this wonderful charity by reading this feature on thebestof Beaconsfield.

The Walk Centre is a not-for-profit organisation committed to helping the children and families of the Hilton slum area in Nakuru, Kenya. The residents of the Hilton Slum reside on the edges of Nakuru's local rubbish dump. As a result, the community suffers poor health, poverty as well as high levels of unemployment. As unemployment remains high it is virtually impossible for the residents to send their children to nursery school as the Kenyan government run schools demand regular fees which are beyond the means of the locals.


The Walk Centre was established in 2005 after two teachers, Alex and Patricia Maina, saw the problems that the residents of the slum were facing. Alex and Patricia gave up their teaching jobs so that they could focus on assisting the residents to move forward towards a better way of life.


The Walk Centre supports both the children and their parents or carers. It provides the children with the basic human right to education, regular meals and the means to be able to achieve a better standard of life. It achieves this through various programmes that offer the children a basic education, two daily meals and emotional support. The Walk Centre supports their parents or guardians of the children by helping them to learn a skill that will enable them to support their family to have a better life. In addition, The Walk Centre provides financial aid to the locals enabling them to gain access to medical care, food and basic housing maintenance.


There are a number of ways you can help The Walk Centre to continue supporting the children and families of the Hilton slum:


You can undertake volunteer work at The Walk Centre. Through this you will become involved in the work it undertakes directly in the community. This includes visiting families, helping to distribute food and helping women to build houses for their families. Volunteers have played an enormous part in driving forward the positive developments in the Hilton slum.


Teaching is also something you can help with as none of the children receive any free nursery education via the Kenyan government and they cannot progress to primary school until they have attended a nursery school. By equipping the children with the basic skills they will be able to start formal primary and nursery education.


Medical advice and help is desperately needed in the slum. If you have a medical background you can help The Walk Centre to partner with local hospitals to provide medical advice, treatment and health awareness to the families of the Hilton slum.


Donations are always welcomed; the extra funds can be used to provide the families with meat and bananas in addition to the beans and rice The Walk Centre currently provides. Donations can be made directly as a one-off or regular contribution. Or via Easy Fundraising in which popular retailers such as M&S, Argos, eBay and John Lewis donate money to the charity when you shop with them online. You could also use EasySearch to raise funds - all online searches through the EasySearch website will generate cash for the charity.


If you are interested in assisting The Walk Centre to help the children and families of the Hilton slum area, please contact your local Beaconsfield representative, Amy Griffiths on 07870 698177. Amy would be delighted to talk to you about the many opportunities to be involved with the charity.


The Walk Centre is a registered charity: Charity Registration No. 1129576

It is to your advantage to mention thebestof Beaconsfield when contacting The Walk Centre so that they can give you the best of service!

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