Your stress levels and your waistline
2nd October 2013
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Stress causes physical reactions within your body.

This makes it harder to lose weight on top of all the other negative consequences stress brings.

As a result of an overly high and poorly dealt with stress level your body releases an excess of blood sugar - useful for dealing with an emergency situation (as in fight or flight), but more often than not, gets stored in the body as excess and unwanted fat.

Its ultimately the same response as you get from snacks high in sugar and caffeinated drinks.

Not ideal when it comes to losing weight and feeling great.

If you can effectively manage this, then a major obstacle has been removed along your route to achieving the body you desire.

Easier said than done?

Perhaps but I promise that getting this under control can be as important as exercise.

I know this from my work day to day with my clients, as well as seeing it in my own life.

Bottom line, reduce your stress - reduce your weight (and improve your health). Win-win in my book.


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