World Champion at 15?
22nd June 2011
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The Olympics. A prestigious sporting event, reserved only for the elite athletes who push themselves through training on a daily basis. The dream of representing your country in these games, are existent in the minds of every child, and those who say the have never thought about it are probably lying. This dream is fast becoming a reality for a Bath teenager currently studying for her GCSE exams at St Gregory's School. Siobhan O'Connor, 15 has recently qualified for the swimming world championships in Shanghai, China, breaking a british record time formerly held by Olympic silver medalist Sharon Davies, along the way. 

On the plane to China with Siobhan are the famous names of Rebecca Adlington and James Goddard, both with bags of experience and countless gold medals under their belts, or high performance swimsuits should I say! Swimming in a team full of Olympic and Commonwealth stars shows us the standard at which Siobhan is swimming at such a young age, and also what we can expect to see from her in the coming years.

I believe that O'Connor will be one to watch at this summer's championship and will grow up to be one of the the UK's most talented individuals in her field, leading Great Britain to Olympic Glory sometime in the not-so-distant future. But then, my opinion may be slightly biased considering she's my best friend.  

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