What makes a good tradesperson?
25th June 2013
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What's the definition of a good tradesperson? I suppose it is one that gets the job done in a way that the customer appreciates, which is not just about getting the job 'done' in any old fashion. An example from my past of how not to work might be an electrician who rewired my house but insisted on just nipping off every few hours to serve a regular client (a letting agent I think). The job took a week or two longer to complete than I was expecting and it just made it much more stressful. Tradespeople who look at things from a customer point of view, who value the opinion of the client, who sometimes go out of their way so that they retain the goodwill of the client, they're the ones who get referrals and grow by word of mouth. Here at thebestofbath we search out good people and find out what their customers think of them. Why not have a look HERE next time you're looking for someone. And then write a review!

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