Traffic around Bath
1st July 2013
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A year or two ago, I was regularly frustrated with driving around Bath and often stuck in queues. Sometimes i'd see something that seemed crazy such as a lorry full of sheep amongst the piled traffic of London Road, and I'd think 'surely we can so better?'. Well, having said that, I might be wrong but it feels like traffic is flowing reasonably well at the moment, I just haven't been stuck in too many jams. I hear that they've beefed up the park and ride facilities so maybe that has an impact. My 8 year old son said the other day 'why don't we just build a road around Bath' (he's seen the local bypass at Grandma's in Hertfordshire), and he may have a point. I'm guessing it must be difficult due to the hilly topography as well as the greenbelt land. Am I right on this, does anybody know? I read a bit of the Joint Local Transport Plan but couldn't see it in there.

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