..Time to move?
17th June 2011
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..Time to move?

A less than predictable job market has created a new breed of employee – the worker who has outgrown their current role, but remains through fear of the unknown.  Unless change is forced through necessity, i.e. redundancy or relocation, it can prove incredibly challenging to know when the time is right to look elsewhere.

Statistics show that the average staff turnover rate has decreased annually since 2008.  This phenomenon has led to a national skills shortage, with 75% of UK organisations currently experiencing difficulties in recruiting for more specialist openings.

With such a static marketplace, recruiters are alert to the CVs of talented individuals, thus offering new job-seekers the ideal opportunity to be noticed.

Consider the past six to twelve working months in your current role…

·         Do you feel suitably challenged?

·         Are you earning a competitive salary?

·         Is there the possibility to develop/progress within your current organisation?

·         Are your key skills being effectively utilised?

·         Finally, and vitally, do you enjoy your job?

If you’re predominately responding ‘no’, it might be appropriate to explore other available avenues.

Most recruitment agencies post current vacancies online, allowing you to establish which agencies cater to your industry.  Prepare your CV and make contact – although immediate success can not be guaranteed, you will be one step closer to change.

While positivity is encouraged, hastiness is not.  Avoid the temptation to leave your position until you have secured a permanent alternative; resignations are hard to retract!

Upload your CV on appoint.co.uk today to be considered for temporary and permanent opportunities throughout the Bath and Wiltshire areas.  Appoint’s expert consultants work in close collaboration with jobseekers to ensure an approach tailored to their individual skills and requirements:

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