The scandal of run-down Bath
20th May 2010
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Is it just me (and don't say 'yes'!) or do others find it scandalous how 'run down' the Walcot area of London Road is, just before you reach Cleveland Bridge and many people's first impression of the City? Surely something dramatic should be done to invigorate that area, such as the council stepping in and offering low business rates or having some sort of control over empty shop front properties? I don't understand it. As a major, if not the major gateway into Bath City Centre something should be done. If the city was run as a commercial business, then the first thing a normal business owner would do would be to spruce up the shop front, the first thing a consumer would see?

Another example of not seeing the obvious in my opinion is the stairway leading down the the weir on Pulteney Bridge. As you descend the first thing you see is a dank, uncared-for doorway that hasn't seen a lick of paint for years and looks like an open air public toilet. It would take nothing to spruce that up with some paint and it would make a world of a difference to many people who use it, locals and visitors.

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