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25th September 2013
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It is my view as a personal trainer and health coach that nobody really comes to me because they want to do exercise.

Sounds a strange thing to say but it's true. 

In reality people want to to build up their self-confidence, self-esteem and and personal health and vitality in order to make a difference in their day to day life.

Think about it - what difference would it make to you if you lost ten pounds, or completed a 10 k for the first time?

If you were confident in how you looked each day?

The biggest reward I derive from my work is seeing these changes in my clients and what they can then achieve in other aspects of their life. 

Improved productivity at work, reduced stress levels, better relationships and an enhanced self-image are among the things that personal training should be about.

Which is why I'm not centred solely on putting you through your paces (although my clients certainly train hard in the gym). 

You probably won't hear many personal trainers say such a thing - however I believe exercise is important but not as important as the bigger picture.


If you want to explore the factors that may be holding you back from looking and feeling at your best, then I would love to help.  I am offering a free consultation where we discuss the best way to achieve the body you've always desired and the results you've always wanted. If you're serious about making lasting changes then you'll love this session, where you'll come away with a new level of clarity and leave inspired as to what you can achieve.  There is no obligation to pursue personal training - I want to help you as best I can in this session.  Contact Leighton if this resonates with you on;


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