Make Time for Your Mind
13th February 2013
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The ‘Make Time for Your Mind’ campaign has set out to promote healthy minds and happier lives. The campaign aims to encourage people to take care of their minds as they would their bodies following 5 simple steps to happier living – Give, Relate, Exercise, Appreciate and Try Out.

‘Make Time for Your Mind’ encourages people to think about what they already do to keep their minds healthy and stimulated, as well as encouraging people to do more to look after their minds. The campaign will be focusing on students, particularly local colleges and Universities in Bath, in doing so, people will be encouraged to write down 5 things which they do regularly to keep their minds healthy. These activities will be placed on a makeshift tree enabling Team V to put together numerous activities and events they will be organising around Bath for the community. We will be asking any participants to offer up suggestions of what activities they will be interested in joining; these results will help us at Team V put together and organise workshops for people to actively get involved in.

How to get involved:

The Team Leader for ‘Make Time for Your Mind’ is Helen Gibb (25), looking for young and enthusiastic people to help her run exciting and innovative campaigns to create real social change. If you are also interested in participating in the campaign please feel free to let us know, volunteers will have the opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people while bringing change in their local area.

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Team V are a local campaign group with an aim to encourage the local community of Bath to find ways to keep their minds healthy and stimulated. The campaign, 'Make Time for Your Mind' follows 5 easy steps...

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