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4th December 2012
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Wines of the Month

Passo Blanco, Masi, Tupungat, Argentina, 2011                                                                                £9.99

Made by the Italian Masi family who have realised the potential of both the Torrontes and Malbec grape varieties. They have invested heavily in Argentina and this Pinot Grigio and Torrontes  blend is one of the results. A wine that ticks all the right flavour boxes with ripe pear, apple and scented jasmine notes. On the palate fruit and acidity dance a deft 2 step on the tongue whilst hurling bushels of pink grapefruit and guava at your taste-buds.

Siete Soles, Sauvignon Blanc, Central Valley, Chile, 2011                                                               £8.39

Now everyone has heard of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and how good value for money it is. However with many of these Kiwi’s currently exceeding £10 a bottle how refreshing it is to find a wine that delivers all of the excitement and mineral freshness at less than £10. Fragrant lime, green apple and mint leap from the glass whilst the palate delivers a punch of elderflower, lemon balm and kiwi fruit, (no honestly it does!).

Campofiorin, Masi, Veneto, Italy, 2008                                                                                           £14.89

The second wine that we are recommending from the Masi family this month, this time from their native country. This is the wine that made their name and it uses a technique called the “ripasso” method; a Super-Venetian that is a blend of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara.  Not that amazing you may say but this is where this sneaky method kicks in. Ripasso is where they take the grapes that have previously been used to make Amarone  then  re fermented them. This double fermenting technique results in a wine that picks up all of the characteristics of the Amarone and gives it extra depth and complexity.

Equus, Carmenere, Maipo Valley, Chile, 2009                                                                                £11.49

It may have the picture of a horse on the label but believe me this is no “My Little Pony” of a wine. This kicks like a mule and races like a thoroughbred round your gums. The collaboration between the Matte family and Piero Antinore has successfully produced this wine that reveals flavours of freshly hewn mint, blueberries, cassis and soft summer hedgerow fruits.


Notes from  “Rioja round the Clock” Spanish Tasting

A big Thank You to everyone who attended our “Rioja round the clock” Spanish wine tasting. What a night and what wines! The stars of the show were undoubtedly all of you who came along and sniffed, sipped and slurped. Wine wise the Rene Barbier Cava showed everyone that Cava doesn’t have to be fizzy, acidic and dumb. This was bursting with rich tropical fruit with balancing acidity and a delightful mousse.

Of the whites, well personally the Verdejo, Poema was a star displaying some mouth-watering acidity, melon dusted with white pepper and a vegetal character, one for fresh oysters.

We only tasted one rose that evening as we were trying to show the diversity of grapes and styles but jings what a rose! The Conde de Valdemar, Rosado, I think it won over quite a few palates that night. Immediately fruity with intense pomegranate, dusty redcurrant and cranberry fruits that rose from the glass and continued through onto the ripe fruity palate…Yum!

From the reds I, along with everyone who attended, had to wait until the end when we were assaulted by a beast of a Grenache namely the Marin old vine Garnacha!As a result of the tasting we have sold so much of this black cherry, blueberry jam & concentrated cassis monster that it is now one of our best-selling wines!

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