Give cyclists space when passing
6th September 2017
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Bath & North East Somerset Council, in partnership with Avon & Somerset Police, is launching a campaign aimed at improving the safety of cyclists.

A highly visible display on a bus is to be used to raise awareness of the space motorists need to give cyclists when overtaking. It serves as a reminder that our roads are as much for cyclists as they are for cars, vans and lorries.

Over the last five years there’s been a significant reduction in the number of people injured in road traffic collisions across Bath and North East Somerset.  However, the number of cyclist casualties has remained relatively consistent over this period.

Councillor Mark Shelford (Conservative, Lyncombe) Cabinet Member for Transport, said: "Drivers should give cyclists at least the same amount of space as vehicles when overtaking, which is 1.5 metres or approximately a car door width.  We want to encourage people to use sustainable forms of transport, such as cycling, but cycling on our roads needs to be safe and all road users need to work together to achieve this.”


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