Get Noticed!
6th September 2011
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Get noticed!


Today’s job-seeker is akin to an advertisement; desperately fighting for an audience in a highly crowded marketplace. While some might resort to tricks and gimmicks, there are a few simple and more effective methods of generating some positive interest…


Think like a recruiter!


The first rule of marketing is to understand your customer; seeing the product through their eyes and understanding what makes them ‘need’ or ‘want’ to commit. As a job-seeker, you become the product and the recruiter/employer your customer.


Begin by considering why the company would benefit from employing you; your answer will help form the basis of your personal ‘selling’ strategy.


Imagine receiving more than 40 CVs daily, while also liaising with clients, conducting interviews and coaching candidates. How would you find the time to read each CV? The chances are that you will only be able to skim read in the first instance. You’ll be looking for the key skills and experience that indicate a match against your client’s job specification.


An applicant’s focus should, therefore, be on the introduction of key selling points; highlighting the most relevant experience for the specific job role. These statements and phrases should be instantly accessible to the busy recruiter as they scan through.


Avoid reeling off a list of clichés about how you’re a ‘hardworking individual who gives 100% (or worse 110!)’ Standard CV fodder, this information is barely digested. Consider what truly differentiates you, highlighting your proudest career achievements in place of generic CV fillers.


Remember, it’s not so much about jazz as a carefully considered self-marketing plan!


At the interview:


For those fortunate enough to be invited for interview the pressure to compete is further increased.  In order to create a memorable and positive experience, some similar advice applies:


Consider each answer carefully and respond both honestly and naturally. Pre-planned answers will often appear wooden and fail to allow your natural personality to do the selling for you.


When it comes to your opportunity to ask questions, steer clear of the mundane. Ask something that you really want to know the answer to; what the recruiter would be expecting from you, what an average day is like – something that shapes the role and makes a difference.


Ensure to close each interview by expressing a keen interest in the position and always show gratitude for the interviewer’s time.


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