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11th August 2013
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Hey there its Luke here! As you can probably tell just by the title, we had an EPIC days fishing at Hunstrete on Tuesday. When we arrived Bridge Pool was packed, so we decided to take a chance on Withy Pool. We usually prefer Bridge Pool but there were too many people on there, so after some consultation between Riki and I we went around the back of Withy Pool.

Withy Pool Hunstrete Carp Fishing

This is the view we had from both of our pegs. Our tactic was to fish close to the fish refuge and hopefully catch some carp leaving and entering the fish refuge. We both cast our rods to the far margin as tight as possible. For bait we were using very bright red wafters to attract the fish’s attention as they were passing by. Every 30 minutes we would throw out a handful of pellet and a few boilies. That seemed to do the trick. This was where i had 9/10 fish I caught. Really tight in the far margin.

Withy Pool

Riki had his rod's on the left margin going into the fish refuge.

Withy Pool

So then I bet your wondering what we caught. Well we had epic day! As we were recording the opener to our video my left rod shot of and I caught this first fish.

Hunstrete Carp Withy Pool

Now I could keep typing about every fish, but we caught so many. It would take so long. So here is all of the fish we caught on the day! With exactly the same tactic as described at the start.

Carp Hunstrete 2 Carp Hunstrete 6 Carp Hunstrete 5 Carp Hunstrete 4 Carp Hunstrete 3 Carp Hunstrete 7 Carp Hunstrete 9 Carp Hunstrete 8 Carp Hunstrete 10 Carp Hunstrete 14 Carp Hunstrete 13 Carp Hunstrete 12 Carp Hunstrete 11 Carp Hunstrete 15

So if you done the maths you would know that I caught 10 fish and Riki had 5. Riki lost 3 and I lost 2. So we could have had 20 fish! But you win some and you lose some. But overall we had an amazing day! We did our first ever fishing video on the session as well! On our new HD camera! Why not watch it below in HD!


Youtube video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSq3Lq_NxzM

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