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10th May 2014
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Hello there everyone its Luke here! On Tuesday 15th April we headed back down to Newton Park fishing lake which is part of the Bathampton Angling Association. Riki was on the camera tasked with taking some quality pictures of the session, and it was my job to catch the fish!

Walking To Newton Park

We arrived at Newton Park around 1:30pm after getting back from some revision for our up and coming exams. We walked up onto the straight bank of the lake, and noticed a familiar face... It was our friend Jacob! After having a quick chat to him and having a look around the lake we decided to settle for the pegs that we call the "The style peg" because it used to have a style you had to climb over. Its one of our favourite pegs because you get a lot of water in your own section of the lake.

Newton Park Fishing Lake

Once arriving, I began setting up! The plan of attack to start off with was the left rod to be in the left margin and the right rod going out to mid water. The left rod had a rig that I like to call the "Newton Park rig", which is a single grain of pop up corn which is by the shank of the hook which holds the pop up corn down. Its a rig that I have found that does very well at Newton Park, as in our opinion sweet corn does great here! The rod had a small PVA bag of crushed up boilies and pellet to attract the fish in. On the right rod I was trying out a new rig that got recommended to us called the "Stiff Hinge Rig". Its basically a stiff boom section going down to a choddy. It looks like this:

Stiff Hinge Rig

Stiff Hinge View 2

So that's what the rig looks like. The idea is that the stiff section push's the rig away from the lead, and you use a pop up on the choddy. Here's a video of a very simple rig that has never failed us. We still use on the majority of our sessions! Click play below to find out how to tie it! After the rods were out about a hour I had my first pick up on my rod out in mid water. Sadly the fish came off... But after losing this fish

Right Rod First Run Newton Park

I changed over to the stiff hinge rig. I started off the session using a standard bottom bait rig, just to get the rod out nice and quick while we tied up the stiff hinge rig.

Stiff Hinge Rig on Bottom

The hours slowly ticked by and the fishing was slow, most of the fish were cruising just below the surface and not really interested in feeding. At about 4:30pm, I had another pick up, the rod came to life and my Delkim sounded! I picked up into the fish and played it for about 5 minutes. It seemed really determined to go in the right hand margin but with the power of my Nash H Gun rod I managed to keep it out!

Newton Park Rod Bending

After what was truly amazing fight! We finally got the fish in the net, it weighed in at around 16lb. This fish had a lot of power behind it! As we got the fish in the net our friend Jacob caught one as well!

16lb Newton Park Mirror Carp

Luke and Jacob Double Take Newton Park

Things then went quiet around the lake for a while... It was a great afternoon session at Newton Park after a couple hard days of revision at school, it was great to get out on the bank! Just as we were packing up I managed to catch this little one, which was a great end to an amazing afternoon session!

Small Mirror Carp Newton Park

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