A weekend of sunshine and the fish were feeding! 16/03/14
26th March 2014
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Hello there everyone its Luke here! I want to start this blog by saying what lovely weather we had on the weekend! It really felt like summer had arrived but we have a few more months to go yet!! I was out on the bank both Saturday & Sunday making the most of the weather. This weekend was all about chilling out with my mates, enjoying the weather and hopefully catching a few fish! So anyway back to business, here is the weekend’s events that took place! Saturday: On Saturday I headed to a water that I haven’t fished in a long time, Century Ponds in Keynsham. The last time I went there was at the start of the winter and the Carp Lake was fishing very hard. But on Saturday’s session it was all about spending a day on the Match Lake with my good friend Jak, and hopefully catching a few different species on the pole. We were expecting to catch a fair few on the session but when we arrived and declared a little friendly match between the pair of us, it was clear the fish were not biting. It went the completely opposite way to what we were expecting. The lake was fishing very hard and we were struggling to get a bite, even with maggots. Although the fish were not biting it was good to be out with a good mate of mine Jak who I haven’t fished with for quite a while. We enjoyed the sunshine, wildlife (we saw some birds of prey, but as soon as I got the camera out they flew away…) and having a good catch up! After catching only a few silver fish between the pair of us, my cousin and grandad arrived to join us on the session. They set up and managed a couple of silver fish between the two of them. It seemed that the lake was fishing hard all round. Just after mid-day both Jak and I went for a quick walk around the Carp Lake and spotted a few carp cruising around on the surface. We hadn’t really come prepared for the big carp but luckily with a spare reel of strong line,we managed to get something together. We did a bit of stalking with maggots as a hook bait placing the bait right on top of the Carp. They were more concerned about making the most of the sun than feeding. After about one hour of trying the sun went behind some clouds and the carp returned back to the bottom of the lake. A few hours ticked by with only a few silver fish being caught every now and again, but Reece (my cousin) managed to catch this Carp on maggots over a bed of ground bait. We were well chuffed for him!

Century Ponds Match Lake

Reece was definately showing us how it’s done; he had this little stunner as well!

Small Mirror Carp

To be honest with you, when the carp look like that, big isn’t always best! So that was all the action from Saturday session,now lets move onto the action on Sunday! Sunday: On Sunday both Jak and I headed down to the Hunstrete Complex to fish the Main Lake and catch up with another good friend of ours, Jacob! It’s been a while since we have all fished together, so it was great to finally catch up! We were all on the Main Lake during the morning but the weather had bought all the other anglers out as well, so it was very busy. Over on Withy Pool, Reece (my cousin) was fishing with his dad, so just after mid-day Jacob and I grabbed one rod each and went over to see how they were getting on, and hopefully catch one. After a quick chat we set up on a peg that Jacob knew quite well. Jacob first started fishing the lake when he was just starting out, and has had a lot of previous success on there. We set up on the peg closest to the aerator on the car park side of the bank. We both dropped our rods in the margins and placed our rods on the peg waiting for a bit of action. Within five minutes of casting out, Jacob’s rod tip twitched a couple of times and his line started kiting around. We had only been here for five minutes and Jacob was on! I grabbed the net and waited for Jacob to bring his Carp in but in the process my rod tipped wacked around and line started peeling off my reel. I dropped the net and picked up into my rod. It was a double take! After getting both the fish in the nets it was only right to have a photo both together with the Carp. Jacob said these words to me “Shall we get in the lake, and have a few water shots?” So we jumped in the lake and took a few photos!

Withy Pool Carp Double Take Jacob Coles Luke Nix

Withy Pool Carp Double Take Jacob Coles Luke Nix 2

Withy Pool Carp Double Take Jacob Coles Luke Nix 3

I got to say, I will remember that moment for the rest of my life. It was my first time getting in the lake to get a few pictures. It was great fun! After returning the fish, it was time to get our rods back out on the same spots to try and nab another one!

Withy Pool Hunstrete Carp Returning Shot 1

Withy Pool Hunstrete Carp Returning Shot 2

Ten minutes past by after dropping our rods in the margin and Jacob was in again!

Hunstrete Withy Pool Returning Carp

Withy Pool Carp Water Shot

What a productive few minutes this had been with now 3 fish caught. But the big question was, who’s rod was going to go next? About 20 minutes past by and my rod sprang to life! My cousin had been fishing the lake all morning with no success. So I decided to let him have my fish to save him from a blank. (What a good cousin I am! Hahaha)

Reece Withy Pool Carp Hunstrete

After these four carp we decided that it wasn’t worth staying on the Main Lake for the rest of the day, so we packed up our kit and moved onto Withy Pool. A few hours went and it had gone quiet. We moved pegs a couple of times trying to find the fish but we eventually came back to our original baited up pegs and Jacob managed to catch a few more!

Withy Pool Carp

Withy Pool Carp 14lb

Withy Pool Carp  3

We had a great afternoon session on Withy Pool both Jacob and I. It was great fun, and was good to see a few fish being caught! We videoed the session as well, managing to catch the double take and all our runs on camera during those crazy first few minutes. Click play on the YouTube video below to watch the video! Enjoy!


Until the next time,


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