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Have just finished a home visit by Paul. Power plate and Pilates. Feeling extremely worked out and ready for anything!
Vibe fitness: Fantastic one to one sessions. Hard work!! but totally worth it!
Definitely would recommend Vibe Fitness. I’ve been going since September, 3 or 4 times a week. I like the Power Plate because it is quick, it gets the results and I enjoy it. Paul is totally professional. He likes to keep things fresh, to change the programme a lot, I don’t like it to be too formulaic. Find the price very reasonable, on a par with other personal trainers.
I’ve been training with Paul for about a year and a half, twice a week with the Power Plate. It’s one on one, very motivational. He’s a nice guy. I have recommended him to friends. Has never let me down, very reliable. Very flexible, he’s formulated the goals. Very happy with Vibe Fitness.
I’d absolutely recommend. Paul is the best personal trainer I’ve ever used. He’s been instrumental in my fitness programme. I’ve lost 2 stone, feel very fit, due to him, both exercise and nutritional advice and its all been achieved in a 6 months period. It is absolutely brilliant. I was never a fitness person at all, never went to the gym he made the whole thing very enjoyable. His professionalism is just excellent and that is due to his knowledge and general demeanour - he is very personable and he makes the whole thing fun. I use him twice a week mainly using the powerplate. A lot of people will say this: You have this good intention and you pay a gym membership, you don’t know how to use the equipment properly, or there are lots of fit people and you think I can’t be bothered. Having a one to one trainer you have an appointment with you see the results very quickly and it is very cost effective. If you’re a complete beginner and think ‘oh I’m not fit and won’t go to the gym’ he would be the perfect person to go and see but also good if you’re very fit – he trains professional sports people a well. Also would like to say that each powerplate session is only half an hour but it counts as a normal hour’s workout so it fits well into busy people’s working schedules
Would absolutely recommend him. He is the best personal trainer I’ve been to. I’ve been a member of all sorts of places in Bath. He is just great, he is flexible he tailors it to your requirements, he is a lovely guy and you feel very comfortable with him - I can only say good things about him. Over the last few months he’s introduced me to using kettle bells and boxing as well in conjunction with power plate - he tailors it to your needs. He’s got all the various kit to use with the power plate. Through dietary advice and through different types of exercise he has helped me big-time which is why I continue to use him 3 times a week. The main thing to say is that he just makes you feel entirely comfortable. A lot of personal trainers can be quite daunting and over the top about all sorts of things but he is not in any way shape or form, he just is very relaxed and I feel very comfortable with him which is vitally important, especially one to one. And when you’re lacking in confidence, which is why a lot of people go to a personal trainer, and want to shape up and haven’t done exercise for a long time - he is perfect for that.
Very much recommend. I’ve been training with him since August twice a week and he’s very good at his job – basically got me really fit. He really does know what he’s doing. I’ve been to every gym in Bath and had some personal training before, but I like the powerplate! I think it is very good and he is very encouraging and what I like about it really is that he sets a plan for me myself and what I want to tone up. Very dedicated, I went there a couple of times with a back problem and he wouldn’t treat me – I think his standards are very high. Very professional, certainly knows his stuff, very reasonable cost absolutely ideal for me because it is just what I want, I prefer one to one sessions as I have a few back problems so I would be nervous to do a group session. Very nice friendly presentable chap.
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