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Health Food Shop and Organic Food Retailer - Harvest based in Walcot Street, Bath.

Organic Food Retailer

Welcome to Local & Independant Organic Food Retailer Harvest in Walcot Street in Bath. 



Harvest is all about
Veggie - Whole - Natural - Ethical - Organic - Local - Real


Harvest offers ethically sourced, earth friendly, GM free vegetarion organic wholefoods and products.

The range:

- The Deli section - locally-prepared vegetarian savoury and sweet specialities. Scrumptious filled rolls - ideal for lunch!

-'Essential' brand - our very own ethically sourced organic store cupboard staples - our famous peanut butters, organic tinned goods such as tomatoes, pulses and fruits, juices, jams, honeys, yeast extract, oils, bio-dynamic herb teas, fair trade coffee, pasta, flapjacks, herbs and jars of vegetables and soups.

-The Shop Sections - organic fruit and organic vegetables, organic bread, Fair Trade chocolate, teas, coffees, organic wines and international specialities. Ethically selected cosmetics, paraben-free body care products, environmentally safe cleaning products and an optimum range of naturally sourced & effective nutritional supplements, comprehensive self-service for herbs and spices, bins for cereals, dried fruits and nuts and a large range of gluten-free and dairy-free products.

Small is beautiful. Harvest is a local organic food shop very different from the supermarket mono culture where all products must be all the same. At Harvest we believe in natural diversity. We stand against the industrialization of eating and the Mass market conformity in the size, shape and colour of fruits and vegetables. We are delighted to be able to sell fruit and vegetables that are locally grown, unique, organic, and delicious.


The shop acts as a focus for the local community. Why not drop in and see what's going on in the neighbourhood? Friendly, busy, fresh, lively, relaxed, a different experience from supermarkets and far more fun, while Harvest’s extensive  organic foods and organic product ranges remove the need for supermarkets at a stroke.

We take pride in our excellent range of ethically sourced vegetarian and vegan natural products and eco-friendly alternatives.  Our product ranges are untouched by genetic engineering and other dodgy food additives. No meat or fish, no genetically modified fake food.  


Harvest Bath is part of Bristol's ground-breaking Essential Trading Co-operative Ltd.


Please mention Bath's premier community website The Best of Bath when calling in at organic food retail shop Harvest in Walcot Street, Bath. 

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