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I do V-Fit classes. I enjoy the variety of cardio and functional weight training and have transformed my body.
Where this gym supasses others I've joined is the conscientious attitude the team have. I have had back problems for years and Paul ensures that the excercises I do with him address the issue by targeting and strengthening specific muscles. Spot on!
These guys are a pleasure to train with - especially good when you train first thing in the morning. Motivational and very knowledge about bringing about the specific results you are looking for, they take the training seriously but not themselves. The ideal mix.
Vibe Fuitness is the Stidio for your personal and group training needs. the guys - Simon, Paul and Joey -are professional and attentive, and the group training although involving a serious workout is always fun.Personal programmes can be tailored to your needs, and there's a wide range of abilities and ages catered for. Thoroughly recommended!
Paul and the team have real subject matter expertise and a genuine interest in helping you reach your fitness goals. Add to this excellent customer service, competitive pricing and first rate facilities and you end up with truly exceptional product that I am more than happy to recommend to friends and colleagues.
These guys have really helped me and many others - creating a real sense of community, as we work together to achieve our goals :)
The best thing about this lot is that they are just nice people. People who understand your needs and goals and really seem to care about your results. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.
The vibe is friendly and enthusiastic, there's something for everyone here whatever your fitness levels, time restraints or budget, from lunchtime bootcamp classes to running clubs and personal training. The guys are constantly innovating and thinking of new ways to keep fitness fun. A refreshing change from the big corporate gyms.
I go to Vibe's UTS training group 2 times a week usually (you can attend as many sessions as you like I think) and I have got to say it is fantastic, so much better than going to a gym. I'm a very ordinary kind of guy, no fitness freak at all, but I work in an office all day and I find that it squeezes in 2 intense hours a week. The other people who attend are at different levels of fitness (half women and men) and I can see that they each get out of it what they need. Simon and Paul are excellent trainers and it feels like you're getting real personal training expertise at a fraction of the normal cost. Honestly, if you're an average joe who wants to get fitter this is a great way.
Vibe Fitness is simply the best way to get and stay fit and healthy in Bath. They really care about your fitness goals and help you achieve them.
Great bunch of guys, with excellent attention to detail. These workouts are a pleasure not a chore. I would highly recommend them.
I have been training with them for 7 / 8 years. Still here and still a lean, mean fighting machine!!
Professional, helpful, hardworking in a relaxed atmosphere. They have done wonders for my physique and my self esteem.
Vibe Fitness has a versatile dedicated team with a focus on client wants/needs - it has zest and energy and a great vibe!
After 5 years of being a member of various gyms and hardly ever going Vibe Fitness proved the perfect solution. Paul, Joey and Simon proved inspirational in making me pace my training and made the whole thing fun and enjoyable. I'm fitter than I have been in years.
Been coming to this studio for about 4 years. Love the atmosphere and the boys. Thanks Paul for helping my knees.
Vibe Fitness are the best at what they do. And luckily what they do is very nice.
A first class service from a great bunch. After a long absence at the gym ispired to return! Well done!
I have worked with the Vibe Fitness trainers since it started. Always professional and always provide absolute focus on me as a customer. My training has been adjusted to account for pain in some joints. They are brilliant!
Vibe Fitness is a great gym. Can't recommend it enough. Went to the guys looking to bulk up and they had the knowledge and support that I needed to get the results I wanted.
Joey helped me get rid of those Christmas pounds which I thought would never go and got mefit again when other PT,s just gave up. If I can do it anyone can with Joey,s expert training and help!
I love how the guys at vibe fitness create sessions suited to my fitness goals and help me keep that motivation going!
Vibe fitness is great, you can really push yourself further than you thought you could with the help of the vibe team.
Personal training tuned to get me to my personal goals.always prepared to go the extra mile
Simon, Paul and Joey are a special set of PTs, really great and inspiring gym to be part of.
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